Why Connect?


In SJA Connect, you can choose between learning in a social environment or in an independent setting; being guided by mentors and facilitators or setting your own challenges. You can receive credits for things you’ve already done and choose from the topics that matter to you!

The goal of the program is to engage and enable young Canadians to improve their health, safety, confidence and competence through health and safety oriented training and volunteer community-based service and leadership opportunities.

Choose from six different ways to complete each topic, depending on your interests and schedule:

Special Event<

Facilitator-Led Session

Team Challenges

Large events run through schools or in partnership with other organizations to create an action packed event that emphasizes a social atmosphere.
Traditional model, where a facilitator organizes activities for participants and they meet at regular intervals.
Youth-directed method of exploring the topic. Groups meet and plan meetings themselves, having a mentor present to assist and approve topic completion (e.g., after-school club)

Self-guided Challenges

Online Learning

External Equivalencies

Independent learning activities.
External sources only at the moment, until we develop LMS.
Completion of topics.